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Welcome to the ESTOOLS DATA@HAND resource

The ESTOOLS DATA@HAND resource contains human gene expression array data from 97 GEO and ArrayExpress sample sets, which involve altogether 1674 Affymetrix, Illumina and Agilent arrays. The source of the biological samples is mainly pluripotent stem cells, their differentiated progeny, and their parent cells. All data has been preprocessed so as to enable computational analysis with analysis workflows and tools provided.

The ESTOOLS DATA@HAND resource was originally established as part of the European Union FP6 research project ESTOOLS. The resource is freely available for non-commercial research but requires you to apply for a user account on this page. The users are asked to refer to the below-mentioned publication.

Last update was performed on October 2014.
- About December 2014 updates: 1 SuperSeries GSE38155 (containing 2 SubSeries GSE38152 and GSE38153), including 36 samples have been added to the resource.
- About October 2014 updates: 4 new sets (GSE48611, GSE48830, GSE49938, GSE39762), including 63 samples have been added to the resource.
- About April 2014 updates: 4 new sets (GSE20127, GSE36233, GSE42445, GSE42947) one updated set GSE22167, including 100 samples have been added to the resource.
- About January 2014 updates: POMO (Plot Omic-associations on Multiple Organisms) (Lin et al, 2013) visualization tool has been enabled for the COEXPRESSION analysis result.
- About October 2013 updates: 8 new sets (GSE33789, GSE37896, GSE37258, GSE28815, GSE27206, GSE32923, GSE33536, GSE27205) including 308 samples have been added to the resource.
Figure is the POMO visualization of genes coexpressed with LIN28A (correlation value larger than 0.85) in the Affymetrix meta-set at ESTOOLS DATA@HAND.

Lingjia Kong, Kaisa-Leena Aho, Kirsi Granberg, Riikka Lund et al. (2013) ESTOOLS Data@Hand: human stem cell gene expression resource. Nature Methods 10, 814-815

Computational Systems Biology (CSB) group, Tampere University of Technology, Finland