Platform: Agilent-014850 Whole Human Genome Microarray 4x44K G4112F (Feature Number version)

Organism: Homo sapiens

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Set title:

Transcriptional responses to nanoparticulate matter in human skin-derived cancer cells


Moos PJ, Olszewski K, Honeggar M, Cassidy P et al. Responses of human cells to ZnO nanoparticles: a gene transcription study. Metallomics 2011 Nov;3(11):1199-211. PMID: 21769377

Set summary:

This study evaluated transcriptional effects of particles smaller than 100 nm of TiO2 and ZnO. Based on previous data in colon cancer cells (GSE14910), we evaluated HaCaT and Sk Mel-28 cells for transcriptional responses to 1 and 5 ug/cm2 ZnO, or 5 and 10 ug/cm2 TiO2. No particle controls were also included. Again, the most pronounced transcriptional response resulted from ZnO treatement with little responses to TiO2. We identified increased protein stress responses, decreased regulation of transcription, and responses to Zn ions. We did not observe the protein stress response and regulation of transcription with soluble Zn.

Sample_name Description Type Treatment Dose NP_size
GSM618298 HaCaT_control 1 HaCaT - - -
GSM618299 HaCaT_control 2 HaCaT - - -
GSM618300 HaCaT_ZnO_1ug/cm2 HaCaT ZnO 1ug/cm2 8-10nm
GSM618301 HaCaT_ZnO_5ug/cm2 HaCaT ZnO 5ug/cm2 8-10nm
GSM618302 HaCaT_TiO2_5ug/cm2 HaCaT TiO2 5ug/cm2 5nm
GSM618303 HaCaT_TiO2_10ug/cm2 HaCaT TiO2 10ug/cm2 5nm
GSM618304 HaCaT_ZnCl2_100uM HaCaT ZnCl2 - -
GSM618305 HaCaT_ZnO_5ug/cm2_Transwell HaCaT ZnO_Transwell 5ug/cm2 -
GSM618306 SK Mel-28_control 1 SK Mel-28 - - -
GSM618307 SK Mel-28_control 2 SK Mel-28 - - -
GSM618308 SK Mel-28_ZnO_1ug/cm2 SK Mel-28 ZnO 1ug/cm2 8-10nm
GSM618309 SK Mel-28_ZnO_5ug/cm2 SK Mel-28 ZnO 5ug/cm2 8-10nm
GSM618310 SK Mel-28_TiO2_5ug/cm2 SK Mel-28 TiO2 5ug/cm2 5nm
GSM618311 SK Mel-28_TiO2_10ug/cm2 SK Mel-28 TiO2 10ug/cm2 5nm
GSM618312 SK Mel-28_ZnCl2_100uM SK Mel-28 ZnCl2 - -